How do they do it first visit to Shipley opencast site

DSC06001DSC06005opencast pics 2 IMG_0669 IMG_0665 IMG_0663

How do they do it group at the British Geological Survey Keyworth


Inside one of the many exploratory drilling core stores


“Sorry Janet they are not shoes”.










Visit to Denby  to follow up on the clay from Shipley Opencast.

opencast to denby collage

 IMG_0725 IMG_0730IMG_0732  IMG_0733 IMG_0735 IMG_0736

Visit to Broomfield College Gardens and plant sales.

broomfield for newslhow do they broomfield plant

Visit to Blue Monkey Brewery.

newsletter blue monkey

blue mon 3

blue mon 4 blue mon 2

Visit to Savannah Rags, Mansfield.

how do they sav rags 1 how do they sav rags 2

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