Volunteer Rotas

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  To make the church ready for the monthly meeting we need volunteers to fill any of the roles to help the meetings run smoothly. Choose from meet & greeters, signing in, refreshments or setting up & clearing away.

We are therefore asking for volunteers to sign up for the Volunteer Rotas in undertaking one of the tasks.

Your help will be greatly appreciated – pass your details onto Andrea Sadler – Volunteers Coordinator

May Monthly meeting: –

Refreshments Rota: Barbara Wass, Wendy Ball, Sue Shepherd, Sue Hill

Meet & Greeters Rota: Geraldine Spray, Jill Barnaby, Maureen Riley.

Set up/Clear away Rota: Geoff Gration, Peter Hayden, Robert Leam.

Signing in: Val Tebbutt, Janet Kirk

P.A. Team: Ray Dring, Roger Bacon, Colin McGillivray, Kevin Rockley, Frank Queripel, Terry Marriott..

If you would like to volunteer for these rotas, please leave a reply in the box below or contact Andrea Sadler volunteer.coordinator@eastwoodU3A.org

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